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Browse the best places to discuss cryptocurrencies with others online. Community listings include social media platforms, discussion forums, telegram groups and chatrooms with active users, dedicated to cryptocurrency.

How many people own cryptocurrencies in 2019? – Survey Results

How many people own cryptocurrencies in 2019? Is it too late to invest in cryptocurrencies or Blockchain projects? A company took a survey of 20,000 people, and the results show it is still early. Keep in mind that this survey is a sample size and ...

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Minds Social Network

Minds is a growing cryptocurrency social network that pays users for content contributions. Minds is a fully decentralized platform built on the backbone of internet freedom. The rewards based platform issues "Mind Tokens" as rewards for ...

2018 Winner


InvestFeed is the #1 social network for crypto investors and blockchain enthusiasts. Join the growing community of crypto investors, established blockchain companies, and new interested parties discussing cryptocurrency news in real time. Our ...

Cryptocurrency Investment Group – Facebook

Cryptocurrency Investments is an invite only facebook group of cryptocurrency investors sharing news and discussing prices related to popular cryptocurrencies on Facebook. Currently the group has 200+ active members and is open to join after ...

Reddit Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is very popular on the social discussion platform, Reddit. The subreddit /r/Cryptocurrency is a popular place to share and discuss all cryptocurrency related topics & breaking news with large groups of readers in one place. ...

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