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There are no shortages of Bitcoin faucets on the internet, but has turned the boring faucet into a multiplayer game that allows players to compete for faucet Bitcoin! If you don’t know what a “Bitcoin Faucet” is, please check out this article:

The Chopcoin interactive Bitcoin faucet is one of the funnest ways to compete with other players for small amounts of Bitcoin every 10 minutes. Players battle in a simple game and compete for prizes of Bitcoin.

Chopcoin is an interactive Bitcoin faucet, combining crypotocurrency with a competitive multiplayer game. This means you can win some Bitcoin by playing with other players for free. Furthermore Chopcoin is a community of cryptocurrency enthusiast and you are rewarded for participating. We aim to provide beginners with a challenging fun experience to learn about Bitcoin and own their first satoshis (smallest denomination of Bitcoin – 0.00000001 Bitcoin).

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How Can I Win Bitcoin From

First, make sure you create a free account by registering here – Create Account

Currently there are 3 different game modes for players to compete in on the faucet. These 3 different game modes all use the same basic game, but have different payouts or round lengths. Some game modes are paid entry and can be played as a team!

  1. Faucet – Battle other players for a fixed duration of time. Pays the top 20 positions after the round has been completed.
  2. King Of The Hill – No set time limit. The largest blob in the game holds the “crown” and earns Bitcoin every 3 minutes. This can last forever depending on how long you can defend.
  3. Paid Playground – Wager Bitcoin and play against other players in limited duration game. Can be played in single or team modes. Winners earn all entry fees.

How Does The Game Work?

The object of the game is to consume smaller “blobs” to increase your size and become the largest blob in the game. Smaller blobs can be eaten or consumed by blobs larger than they are, so as you gain size you must watch out for blobs larger than you. It is a very simple concept and is best learned by playing.

Chopcoin game controls are very simple to use and learn.

  • Mouse – Used to move or steer your Blob(s) around the map
  • “W” key – Used to eject mass
  • Q” key (held) – Used to flood mass.
  •  “Space Key” – Used to split

Chopcoin Multiplayer Bitcoin Game

The game is intuitive and more easily understood by playing than by reading. Familiarize yourself with the controls (Mouse to move, W to eject mass, hold Q to flood mass, Space to split) and figure it out yourself. Basically it comes down to growing in size by hovering over the colorful food, eating smaller players than yourself, don’t getting eaten by bigger players than yourself and avoiding the bombs.

Source – Gameplay & Strategy

There are many different ways to play the Chopcoin multiplayer Bitcoin game, but it is always good to learn the basics first. Checkout this Chopcoin gameplay footage to get an idea of how the game works and the basic concepts. When you are familiar with the game you can check out our Chopcoin strategy guides on YouTube.

Here is some basic gameplay footage:


Chopcoin Bitcoin Winnings & Payouts

Most Bitcoin faucets only give users a minimal amount that may seem like nothing. does not pay all players that compete, therefore can offer winners larger than normal payouts that exceed any Bitcoin faucet on the web. Below is a small sample of typical Chopcoin game payouts and winnings.

Coinchop Bitcoin Faucet Payouts

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