Bitcoin Crash Gameplay | Multiplayer Casino Games –

Bitcoin Crash Gameplay | Multiplayer Casino Games -

Wager #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, #Litecoin, #Dogecoin, #Bitcoin Cash, and #Ripple against other players. Stake's newest game called Crash, is a super fun crypto casino game that offers large payouts and group play.

Do you like to play cryptocurrency casino games, but want the experience of playing with others? Stake Cryptocurrency Casino has added a new multiplayer game called “Crash” that is fun for all players big and small. With payouts of up to 100,000x your bet, you can win money while playing in a social atmosphere.

How To Play Crash At Crypto Casino

The rules of the game are simple, choose a level to cashout from 1.00x your bet all they way to 100,000x your bet. After you have chosen a desired bet amount and cashout level, the fun begins. The game starts from 1.00x and counts upwards until the game “crashes”. If you have chosen a cashout level lower than the ending crash level you win.

So if you are ready to play follow the link below to sign up and get a bonus from us! Just be sure to leave a comment on our YouTube video with your Stake Casino username.

Sign up instantly here –

Crash Bitcoin Game

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