Zethr.io Dividends Day 1 – Earn ETH By Holding The ZTH Token

Zethr.io A Scam? ZTH Dividend Earnings Day #1

Is Zethr Casino a scam? Can you make money with Zethr and the ZTH token? Here is the first day of dividends earnings from the Coinformant.com case study.

So after 24 hours we are back to update with the earnings from the Zethr.io dividend program from holding ZTH Tokens in MetaMask. Yesterday was a big growth day for the Zethr project as their Ethereum Contract had as much as 6,000 Ethereum in it at its peak yesterday. Needless to say, the dividend returns were good even with our small test deposit of 0.75 ETH. After spending some time in the Zethr Discord, I was made aware that the developers have plans to distribute 50% of the bankroll profits back to ZTH token holders every Saturday. As of now, that would equal 300+ ETH worth of dividends credited to a small amount of ZTH token holders. Should be an interesting next few days.

Here are the final ZTH dividend earnings for Day #1 of the Zethr case study:

Day #1 Investment.

  • Total Ethereum Invested – 0.75 ETH
  • Total ZTH Tokens Purchased – 348
  • Average Dividend Rate – 26.09 %
  • ZTH Purchase Price Per Token – 0.00230 ETH

Day #1 Earnings And Token Totals After Re-Investing Profits

  • Total Earned Day #1 – 0.098 ETH (Re-Invested)
  • New Total ZTH Tokens – 428

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Zethr Dividend Earnings - Day #1

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