Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets

Holding cryptocurrencies on an exchange is asking for trouble. Hackers and malware are around every corner just waiting to steal coins as well as private keys. The answer is purchasing a secure external cryptocurrency hardware wallet, and using it to store your investments short or long term. Bitcoin or cryptocurrency hardware wallets are an essential tool for any crypto investor, and should be one of your first purchases. As cryptocurrency adoption grows, the choices consumers make when purchasing a hardware wallet can be overwhelming. aims to make your decision easy and pain free.

Choosing The Best Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

When purchasing a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency hardware wallet investors deserve high security as well as top notch support. Doing extensive research is always advised, as well as finding a wallet with the desired features needed. Some key points to consider before purchasing a hardware wallet are:

  • Security Features
  • Coin/Token Support
  • Budget or Price
  • Customer Support
  • Ease Of Use
  • Software Updates
  • Customer Reviews
  • Material Quality

Keep in mind the above points are not all factors that should be considered, but just the minimum research that an investor should do before making a hardware wallet purchase.

Top Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Manufactures

Trustworthy cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufactures can be hard to find. As the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin ecosystem grows, more companies are selling hardware wallets each day. There are a growing number of companies selling knock-off hardware wallets claiming to be factory direct/ suggests to purchase hardware wallets from established companies that offer multiple wallet choices directly from the manufacture website.

Ledger Hardware Wallets

Launched in 2014, Ledger is one of the largest cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufactures with a development team that is focused on security. Ledger has over 80 employees located in Paris, Vierzon, and San Francisco. Ledeger has sold 350,000+ hardware wallets globally. Currently Ledger offers investors 2 hardware wallet options.

  • Ledger Nano S – A small USB sized multi currency hardware wallet featuring an OLED display that helps confirm each transaction.
  • Ledger Blue – High-End, multi currency, large touchscreen device featuring bluetooth connectivity

Either of the above products are a great choice to store cryptocurrency using external hardware.

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