Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking Apps 2018

Tracking cryptocurrency investments can be a tedious task, especially for high volume traders. Currently there is no shortage of applications that can track cryptocurrency portfolios, but as with anything, all software is not created equally. With the growing number of options available, the Coinformant staff decided to share our favorite cryptocurrency portfolio tracking apps with our dedicated readers as well as investors looking to find a solution quickly.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking App Features

What features should investors be looking for when comparing portfolio tracking options? This question can have many different answers, depending on your investment strategy as well as trading frequency and budget. Some of the main features we suggest looking into before choosing a crypto investment portfolio tracking option are:

  • Security – This should always be #1 for any purchased software.
  • Exchange API Importing – Manual importing of trades can be time consuming.
  • Design / Display – Your portfolio should be eye pleasing as well as easy to navigate.
  • Alerts – Notifications for gains/losses as well as daily reports.
  • Mobile App – Investors enjoy tracking earnings on the go, a mobile app or responsive site is a must.
  • Development Team – Is the project being updated on a regular basis?
  • Pricing – Free or paid? Limited Rates? Api import restrictions?

These are just a few things to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking application, be sure to always do your own research before using any software dealing with personal data.
Cryptagon is an easy to use cryptocurrency portfolio tracking application featuring api import support, SSL secure connections, and a beautiful UI design.
CoinTracking is a portfolio manager for tracking of all trades of digital currencies. It provides useful analysis for trades, prices, volume, profit, loss and the value of all your coins.
Keep track of over 2000+ cryptocurrencies and altcoins using the simple Delta app. See charts and set price alerts for any coin in your portfolio. Available on mobile and desktop.
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