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Minds is a growing cryptocurrency social network that pays users for content contributions. Minds is a fully decentralized platform built on the backbone of internet freedom. The rewards based platform issues “Mind Tokens” as rewards for contributing to the platform with content or referring new users. Currently Minds has over 1 million registered users chatting and sharing news related the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

How Does The Mind Community Work?

How to earn cryptocurrency Minds Social Network

How Can I Earn Minds Tokens?

When you create original content that generates upvotes, comments and reminds; you earn tokens. Invite your friends and grow your subscriber list and you will also earn tokens. Anything users create to help build the community will earn Mind Tokens.

Minds Token Earning Details

Earn tokens for your contributions on

Create quality content and earn some tokens. Be an active community member, earn tokens. Contribute to the codebase, earn tokens. There are multiple ways to earn tokens for any member of

Promote your content and earn views using Mind Tokens

Exchange your Mind Tokens for promotion of your content. Choose to promote to the full network or a specific topic targeted channel. 

1 Mind Token = 1,000 Views On
Promote content with Minds Tokens
Minds Crypto Social Network Review 2019

Exchange Tokens With Others

Send tokens to others as a tip or in exchange for premium content subscriptions. does not take a commission which saves you tokens.

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