Cutting Edge Cryptocurrency Trading Technology, Meets Zero Fees

If you have traded cryptocurrency before, you understand how high fees can be on exchanges. High trading fees cut into your profits and can limit the amount of trades an investor executes per day. The Cobinhood Cryptocurrency Exchange is changing the way cryptocurrency is traded by offering zero (0) fees on all trades, including margin trading at 10x leverage. Cobinhood is not just an exchange, but also provides underwriting services for ICO launches.

Cobinhood Tokens – COBs

Cobinhood also has created an ERC20 token called “COBs”. COB tokens can be traded as pairs for currencies listed at Cobinhood as well as offer advantages on the Cobinhood platform. These include:

  • 50% off margin trading loan interest when investors pay COB tokens.
  • COB token holders will be able to get future ICO tokens COBINHOOD underwrites at significantly lower rates.

Cobinhood aims to reward COB token holders as much as possible.

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