Jobs For Bitcoins?

If you are interested in finding freelance work and being paid in Bitcoin, you are in the right place. is a website that connects potential employers with freelancers using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the payment option. The platform is open to users worldwide, and provides updated job listings to potential freelancers looking to work for cryptocurrencies. Browsing job listings if free to all users without the need for an account and listing bids are updated in real time for the freshest job openings on the web. Finding freelance jobs that pay using Bitcoins has never been easier.

Work For Bitcoin

How Does Work?

One of the best features of the platform is ease of use for employers as well as freelancers. Creating an account is free and quick using a valid e-mail and choosing a desired username. After creating an account and logging in, you can choose to be labeled as an “Employer” , “Freelancer” or both. The free account includes a slick user dashboard to keep track of listed jobs, bids on open jobs, reviews from other users on the platform, and a rating statistics in one place.

Using As A Freelancer: uses a bid system for open jobs. After signing up, freelancers can find a job listing they are interested using the integrated search or browsing by category, and place a bid on the open job. The potential employer will then review all bids on the job and choose a freelancer to hire for work completion. Bids on open jobs are public and can be seen on the job listing page. Freelancers are also not charged a commission fee for their work!

Bitcoin Job Listings

Using As An Employer: makes it easy to create a job listing and find the perfect freelancer quickly. After creating an account, you simply need to create the job listing with the required skills needed and a description of the work that needs to be done and post it. After posting a listing, qualified freelancers will bid on the job while it is open, and then the employer selects who they want to hire. A one time fee for posting a job, scales based on the project budget.

Bitcoin Job Listing Fees

Current Job Listing Fees
  • 0.0 – 0.05 BTC : 3.00% Fee
  • 0.051 – 0.5 BTC : 2.75% Fee
  • .51 – 1.0 BTC : 2.50% Fee
  • 1.0+ BTC : 2.25% Fee

Compare the above fees to a site like that charges 10%+ fees for all projects, and you can see why is a great choice for finding a freelancer.

Should You Use

Yes! Working For Bitcoins is one of the simplest Bitcoin job listing platforms. The website currently has industry leading rates for listings as well as a development team that is dedicated to adding features in the coming months. fully endorses the platform for both freelancers and employers.

So if you are interested in working for bitcoins or finding a freelancer that can be paid using cryptocurrencies, create a free account today.

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