Latium Blockchain Microtasking ICO Pre-Sale

What Is Latium?

Latium is the world’s first decentralized microtasking platform. This Ethereum based, peer-to-peer network will allow people looking to have tasks completed to connect directly with those willing to complete the work. Payment for tasks completed on the system will be credited in realtime using the Ethereum Blockchain. The Latium ERC20 token will be the established form of payment on the platform, which will create intrinsic value for token holders as the coins will be purchased by employers in order to create new tasks in the system.

Traditionally, microtasking and freelance platforms have used fiat currency to facilitate the purchasing of labor. Some recognizable names in this sphere such as and provide similar services, but are often beset with problems regarding user disputes, high fees, and incomplete work. Using proprietary credit algorithms and the revolutionary Ethereum blockchain, Latium avoids unresponsive employers and employees, fake jobs, and unpaid work. Users will communicate directly – with no interference from a third party – which streamlines the tasking process. A more efficient process using Ethereum technology means quick, complete work will receive a speedy and justified reward. Source

Latium Microtasking ICO

Overall, has very high hopes for the Latium ICO as this platform has real life applications. Using fiat currency on freelancer websites is a pain in the butt, this fixes that. The pre-sale does not last long, so we encourage you to pick some up if your budget allows, as this looks to be a promising investment.

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