K-Merchant makes paying with gold a common thing again


The K-Merchant has been designed to make any crypto payments backed with gold flexible and time-efficient. The unification of gold, KaratGold, Bitcoin, Ethereum and a growing number of fiat currencies ensures its flexibility. Essentially if you own gold through KaratGold system, you can freely spend it as you wish in the K-Merchant app. In case you are willing to buy more of it or sell it, you can do so with dollars, euros, BTC, ETH or various fiat currencies, without having to undergo time-consuming transaction operations. And as the price of gold tends to change within a few hours, the K-Merchant with its fast transaction operations considerably minimizes the risks of losses.

The KaratGold Coin (KBC) and the K-Merchant app proved that a solution based on gold is not only theoretically efficient but practically possible. They made gold come back to the financial market and protect investors against the crypto markets’ volatility, by “making downside limited and upside unlimited”, as a prominent crypto influencer John McAfee once said.

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