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Looking for small cap cryptocurrencies? Browse the best penny cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens priced under $1.00 USD available on exchanges.  Read news about popular penny cryptos and find the best altcoin exchages for penny coins all in one place.

Top Penny Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin penny stocks and cryptocurrency trading are growing daily. With the price of Bitcoin on the rise, other smaller cryptocurrencies are growing at a staggering rate. These other cryptocurrencies are labeled as “altcoins” and can bring returns of up to 80,000 % in short periods of time. Some of the best coins are considered “Penny Cryptocurrencies” and are currently under $5.00 USD, but generally under $1.00 USD. Penny crypto trading can be considered high risk as price movements can be seen on low volume and spreads can vary wildly. With that being said, there is still quality crytptocurrencies available and more being listed every day. If you are new to trading, please download this free Penny Cryptocurrency Trading Guide.

Cryptocurrencies and alt coins are traded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which gives investors the chance to make money around the clock. is happy to share our favorite cryptocurrency penny stocks that are poised to have large returns. As always, we recommend doing your own research before making any investments.

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The Best Penny Cryptocurrency

Binance Crypto Exchange Logo

The cryptocurrency exchange is offers trading on new upcoming cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets instantly using an internal currency for trading fees. Top in security as well

Robinhood Crypto Trading App

Robinhood Crypto App

The popular mobile app called Robinhood is now offering cryptocurrency trading support. Trading cryptocurrency using Robinhood is easy and has no fees. Sign up using this link and get a free stock after creating your free account.

An easy to use, beginner friendly, cryptocurrency exchange offering trading of the 3 largest coins. Low, flat-rate trading fees. Cutting edge technology able to process 5 Million transactions per second. USA based.

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